A Complete Ecosystem Of Services

BeeKee connects homeowners to a community-based ecosystem of professionals surrounding your home. Whether it's buying, selling, maintaining, financing and everything in-between, BeeKee brings home happiness!


A Community Built Around You!

BeeKee offers a unique solution to everything and everyone involved with your home. Download BeeKee, today and experience an ecosystem unlike any other.

Referrals You Can Trust!

With BeeKee, homeowners can tap into an entire network of professionals based on referrals made by those around you, so you can hire with confidence knowing that each expert performs to the highest quality and service around your most important asset... your home!

Refer A Pro

One Powerful App!

Everything is possible with BeeKee. The app encompasses every aspect of the homeowners journey: Finding an agent; home repairs or improvements; refinancing or updating your home's insurance policy, BeeKee has you covered!

Find any type of service you need for your home. Search service professionals , get multiple quotes, hire and pay right through the BeeKee app.



With BeeKee, it's easy to communicate your needs with a number of different professionals. What's more, is BeeKee makes it simple to track and stay organized, with the ability to keep records of everything done to your home.

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© 2018 BeeKee Corp.           Terms           Privacy           Policies          Consent           Copyright