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Connect with agents, share service professionals and build lasting relationships with homeowners.

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An Application That Puts The Real Estate Agent First

Put Your Network Front And Center

BeeKee for real estate agents makes it easy to connect and share your networks of service professionals with homeowners and much more!

Invite And Build Your Network
BeeKee makes it easy to connect with everyone around you.
Share Valued Network Professionals
Grow your network of colleagues and service professionals fast and easy.
Stay Engaged And Extend Your Reach
As your network grows, you build value, while creating lasting relationships.

Invite And Connect

Send a personalized link or sync your contacts.
  • Build your network fast and create lasting value by sharing trusted professionals with homeowners.
  • Keep your professional and homeowner networks up-to-date and stay in touch long after the sale.
  • Invite and connect with agents and brokers, service professionals and homeowners.

Build Value And Share

Easily share trusted service pros with homeowners.
  • BeeKee puts you, the real estate agent, first allowing you to create and build upon your reputation as a go-to-source for recommendations and referrals.
  • By building and sharing your trusted networks, you have the ability to create end-to-end value.
  • BeeKee makes it easy to connect with your network of service professionals and provide them with lead generation from homeowners looking for their services.

Engage And Expand

Connect with other agents to create more value for everyone around you.
  • BeeKee makes it easy to “shake hands” with other agents and brokers to expand your network of service professionals.
  • The BeeKee agent platform gives you full 360-degree latitude to pick and choose professionals to share and build value for homeowners looking for those services.

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